Best motoring video special vol.13 Pulsar Gtir

2012 8 دسامبر
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pulsar gtir test rally road test documentary by nissan kodansha video

  • 普通に交通違反・・・おおらかな時代でした

    DIYのぶさんDIYのぶさんپیش 3 ماه
  • Kurła coobcio ogląda video option masa ( spoko ja tez nie czaje japońskiego ) pełna rozkmina ale jest moc

    Ibanez Edi777Ibanez Edi777پیش سال
  • I have a 91 GTI-R in fairly good conditions. These cars have become so rare over the years. Ive also seen snips of this video over the years, but this is the first time im seeing all of them together!!. English subs would be great! Thank you for posting this up!

    D JassalD Jassalپیش 2 سال
  • It’s a shame this doesn’t have subtitles, but it’s still a great feature nonetheless. This vehicles power plant, drive train, and light weight created a masterpiece of a hatchback. It’s surprises me that it wasn’t a huge hit..

    Southern PimpSouthern Pimpپیش 2 سال
  • SR20DET、30年前新車で乗りました。 OZレーシングのホイールを履いてダートラ競技をしてました。 高速道路ではオーバーヒートの症状が出るもののとても良い車でしたね。

    とし坊とし坊پیش 2 سال
  • Need these oldskool cars back again cars are shit

    nas jdnas jdپیش 2 سال
    • i would give anything to get that car brand new in 2018

      nicolasnicolasپیش 2 سال
  • ブレ修正いらない

    ガイジ1800ターボガイジ1800ターボپیش 5 سال
  • shame on u nissan u mass production for this engine

    tuan sidetuan sideپیش 5 سال
  • アルトww

    kosai asaikikosai asaikiپیش 5 سال
  • This really needs to be translated.

    Street Racers UKStreet Racers UKپیش 6 سال
  • subs would of been great

    lilripsta111lilripsta111پیش 6 سال
  • Such a great car!!! Love my 91 GTi-R! It fucking nails!!

    Crazy Car GuyCrazy Car Guyپیش 7 سال
    • haha me too i love my 92 gtir :D

      nicolasnicolasپیش 7 سال
  • Would be really cool if you could remove the youtube stabilization ;)

    Idris TIdris Tپیش 7 سال
  • Ugh... I was excited to find this, but no ENGLISH DAMN IT! I own one of these... I'm sad I can understand what he's saying. =(

    dead91silviadead91silviaپیش 7 سال
    • dead91silvia I was considering importing one. It’s a forgotten legend here in the US.

      Southern PimpSouthern Pimpپیش 2 سال
  • 20年前に先輩が新車で買って乗せてもらったけどビックリしたよ。

    新川ゆで太郎新川ゆで太郎پیش 8 سال
  • いいなー!GTIーR!

    新川ゆで太郎新川ゆで太郎پیش 8 سال
  • たまご?(笑

    garuru031103garuru031103پیش 8 سال
  • hey man, could you turn of the video stabilization? it makes it so we cant see all of the original frame, and it's not needed for a professionally produced video like this. thanks.

    Audio CrossingAudio Crossingپیش 8 سال
  • lmao true same here!!

  • But still controllable

    noobgamingoknoobgamingokپیش 8 سال
  • I miss my gtir... had it for 8 years and it was close to stock and still it hammered. No oversteer with standard boost or suspension. Boost abit and it becomes tail happy.

    noobgamingoknoobgamingokپیش 8 سال
  • I heard this car oversteers too much?

    Sydney HustlerSydney Hustlerپیش 8 سال
    • I heard it understeers

      Troy STroy Sپیش 4 ماه
  • "Wearing of motorcycle machine!"

    R34RACRR34RACRپیش 8 سال
  • I have watched so many Japanese videos with English subtitles that I'm actually fairly fluent in Japanese now...of course Kanji still makes no sense to me...

    c0c0asaucec0c0asauceپیش 8 سال
  • subs are always better

    Beuge Master420Beuge Master420پیش 8 سال
  • Translated english subtitles make no sense at all

    Jenkins BradburyJenkins Bradburyپیش 8 سال
  • Too bad. This is not a Best Motoring International so you wont ever get it in English.

    greebuhgreebuhپیش 8 سال
  • need this in english

    NevisBevisNevisBevisپیش 8 سال